Tumi vs. Samsonite vs. Rimowa: Luggage Review & Comparison
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Tumi vs. Samsonite vs. Rimowa: Luggage Review & Comparison

Tumi, Samsonite, and Rimowa have similar product lines. Each sells rollable luggage, carry-on bags, computer bags and travel accessories. However, the biggest difference in products is pricing. Tumi and Rimowa run a tight race when it comes to price. Each are pricey with Samsonite costing a bit lower. One gets the idea that Samsonite is 'the people's bag,' while Tumi and Rimowa market a more exclusive, trendy and expensive product. Of the three Rimowa is perhaps the most durable, but the possibility of dents is not totally eliminated in aluminum cases. Samsonite and Tumi are also very durable, but show age and wear a little faster. Tumi's ahead of Samsonite in durability over time. But, then you get what you pay for. Samsonite does a good job for less money.
Covered in this report
Tumi — Best Features
100 patented designs unique to the company.
Tracer program that helps you get your lost (or stolen) bags back . Great product warranty.
Best for: Persons willing to spend more money for an attrractive but functional product
Samsonite — Best Features
Downloadable travel app that is good for discounts on products
Offers repair for damaged or defective pieces.
Best for: Consumers that are looking for a durable product for a middle of the road price.
Best deal: 13% off entire order + Free Shipping - [activate coupon]
Rimowa — Best Features
Trademarked multiwheel system for easy maneuverability
Rimowa is the inventor of polycarbonate cases and has the lock on the product. Repair shops around the globe.
Best for: World travelers looking for durable luggage- great luggage for travel to remote places.
Best deal: Up To 50% Off Luggage + Free Shipping at Amazon - [activate coupon]

Tumi, Samsonite, and RIMOWA are three distinct luggage companies with one basic similarity. All three claim to be industry leaders. You would think, a bag is a bag, is a bag. From a very basic standpoint, this is true. However, with each company there are innovations that each utilizes when marketing its products. 


Tumi is most often recognized as the world's leading brand of luxury-travel, business and lifestyle accessories and touts the brand as such. The Tumi brand was developed in 1975 but it was not until the eighties that the brand took off.

Tumi began production of the soft sided, nylon, black on black ballistic travel bags. The bag's practicality and extreme functionality struck a chord with travel consumers. The company has been manufacturing functional innovative and  attractive travel pieces since that time through to the present.


Tumi products are available in sixty-five countries worldwide. There are 140 company owned  Tumi stores.

Jerome Griffith, Tumi's, Chief Executive Officer, said recently during a Tax Free World Association event, that in addition to Tumi's, three U.S. owned travel shops, the company also has many third party stores and is making in-roads into additional countries.

In the United States

Tumi luggage and accessories can be purchased in upscale stores, which include, Bloomingdales, Sax Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Nordstroms.


Amazon.com and WorldTraveler.com carry the Tumi brand. 


  • Tumi has a few advantages for consumers that other luggage and travel accessory companies do not have.
  • Consumers can access on-line assistance 24 hours a day.
  • Product warranties-the first year of ownership Tumi will cover the cost of damaged pieces-even if the damage occured due to natural wear and tear. Luggage defects are covered for five years (Must be the original owner with proof of purchase).
  • Global repair- consumers may fill out a repair form on-line, call one of the eight hundred numbers or contact Tumi via e-mail, to have repair questions answered or to have the product refurbished.
  • Tracer program - Tumi helps you get your lost (or stolen) bags back- since the company enacted the Tracer company-Tumi has helped recover thousand of lost bags. 



Samsonite markets its brand as durable and 'ready for anything'. The company banks on its 100 years in the luggage business and markets the brand as 'iconic'. Though it is not as trendy or cutting edge as Tumi, Samsonite products are strong and durable. 

Samsonite is the no muss no fuss luggage company, that's been around the block. Consumers might get the idea that Samsonite is America's company, even though it does have locations in Canada. One of the most popular brands is the "American Tourister". 

Samsonite sells luggage and does not focus as much on an experience, like Tumi and Rimowa. 


Samsonite products are found in many retail stores throughout the United States and Canada. The brand can be found in Samsonite Company Stores, and through Authorized Samsonite or American Tourister Retailers and Repair Centers. Customers can also buy the brand on-line through the Samsonite website, Amazon.com and more. Find a store locater on-line.


  • The biggest advantage to purchasing Samsonite luggage and accessories is; the mid-range price. This coupled with the brands durability is a big plus.
  • Markets a line to women- luggage, purses (totes), and accessories in appealing colors
  • Samsonite downloadable travel app- allows travelers to track their miles and earn rewards and discounts on Samsonite purchases. 
  • Thirty day return policy
  • Samsonite will repair damaged or defective pieces. 
  • The company has great sales-even on popular and highly rated items.


Founded in Germany in 1898, Rimowa is the 007 of luggage and luggage accessory companies. Rimowa touts the luggage as modern, stylish and exclusive. Marketed as the travel accessories for jet-setters and trend makers, essentially, Rimowa is a family owned business.

Decode  Ri-m-owa and you will derive the initials of Richard-Morszeck-Warenzeichen. Warenzeichen, for consumers who do not speak German is translated-Trademark. The brand has been sold under that name since 1937, when Richard began developing and selling the first metal trunks designed for overseas travel. Made from lightweight metal, Richard's inspiration was the Junker aircraft, a two-engine World War II, German airplane.

The company markets its brand as very exclusive and has the support of the rich and famous in marketing ventures, like store openings. Jessica Alba hosted the Rodeo Drive opening.

It is a gorgeous albeit expensive brand.


Rimowa has eighty stores around the globe, five flagship stores are in Europe and the product line can be purchased on-line. Rimowa utilizes Facebook as a website page. The Facebook/website is attractive and showcases the product well, but from a practical standpoint, consumers may find it a bit difficult to navigate when looking for answers to questions about an item purchased or one in which the customer is interested.

Rimowa's customer service is questionable.

Finding a dealer is easy enough but the company does not have 24 hour customer service. Service calls are available when the stores are open. Consumers may e-mail questions to Rimowa Ltd.


  • Very attractive and extremely sturdy though some customers complain of damaged corners to aluminum pieces.
  • Aluminum collections are available world-wide.
  • Has a trademarked multiwheel system for easy maneuverability
  • Rimowa is the inventor of polycarbonate cases and has the lock on the product.
  • The polycarbonate continues to look new for an extended time. Produces a light weight product with durability
  • Much of the craftmanship on the luggage is crafted by hand, making the-pieces very original with a look of quality. The luggage stays looking good longer.
  • Certain products, like the Salsa Hybrid have an 'add a hook' feature and flex dividers which adjust to the size of the content placed in the luggage. 
  • Consumers can find the brand in stores worldwide.

You can find discounts for these suitcase brands at sites like Dealspotr.com.

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