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This day and age everybody looks for ways to combine fashion with practicality. A lot of people (women in particular) dream of having an affordable, durable and high-quality bag that will reflect their personality and bring bright colors into their life at the same time. While this sounds next to impossible, Baggu bags fit the bill. Baggu can make your wildest bag dreams come true and brighten up everyday tasks like grocery shopping.

Baggu is a company that makes simple, yet very high-quality and fashionable bags in every imaginable color. Their bags are durable, affordable and multifunctional. Unlike a lot of other bag makers, Baggu only manufactures canvas bags. This way they can keep the price low and keep expanding the color range.

The most popular Baggu bags are tailored like average grocery bags, which makes them very lightweight, foldable and multifunctional. These bags come in three different sizes - small, medium and large. In addition to the grocery-style bags, Baggu offers backpacks, daypacks, duck bags that are perfect for carrying books, and zipped cases that can be used for storing things, protecting books, and even act as cases for netbooks and laptops.

In addition to manufacturing everyday bags, Baggu offers unique Shabd bags exclusively designed by a Brooklyn artist Shabd Alexander. These bags are hand dyed and are a real fashion statement.

Baggu: What makes it different?

No doubt, bold colors combined with simple and functional design is the key thing that makes Baggu bags special. No matter whether it's Baggu grocery-style reusable bags, backpacks, daypacks, ducks or simple zipper bags, they are always a delight to look at. Some of the bags come in traditional colors like dark blue or green, whereas others are a splash of creativity and a true fashion statement.

Baggu concentrates on producing only practical multifunctional bags, so you will not find fancy purses in their product range. Instead, Baggu offers simple beach-style (or grocery-style if you prefer) bags, little daypacks, larger backpacks, duck bags that is perfect for students to carry books in, and zipped bags of all imaginable sizes. All of Baggu bags are very durable and have a unique young spirit about them.

Baggu vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Baggu) and are Baggu's main competitors. Both these websites offer discounted bags for sale online. While the product range offered by and is a lot wider than Baggu's, these websites don't offer specially made reusable bags that are as fashionable as they are practical and unique. specializes in wholesale bags with prices starting as low as $10. However, these bags are very different from those offered by Baggu and it will be hard to find something as colorful and affordable on Bagzone. offers bags from $15, which is very good value for the range they offer. But again, the bags offered by this store are very different from Baggu's range.

Baggu: Pricing & packages

Despite being stylish and practical, Baggu bags are very affordable and will suit even a student's budget. Their best selling reusable Baggu bag costs only $8 if you buy one or two, $7.50 if you buy more than three, and $6.50 if you buy more than six. So it makes a lot of sense to order Baggu bags together with your friends, classmates, or family. If you want a Baggu bag with a print, you'll have to choose from the Baggu Mociun range, with prices starting at $10. You can also purchase Baggu bags in kits of three or five, costing $22 and $35 respectively.

Now, if you are looking for a more special bag, then have a look at Baggu Daypack for $24 or Baggu Duck for $22. And if you are going for the kill and want to purchase a hand dyed bag designed by Shabd Alexander, a Brooklyn-based artist, then you'll have to pay $58. But Shabd bags are really worth it. 

Baggu: Product images & screenshots
Baggu Coupons
Baggu: Customer reviews & comments

Baggu is by no means a stranger in the market. Baggu bags have been covered by the leading magazines, such as Elle, Touch, Instyle, Teen Vogue and many more:

"We can't resist the rainbow of colors and fun patterns of these roomy reusable bags. With a flat bottom for easy loading, each folds into its own pouch - ideal for stashing in a purse." - Good Housekeeping

"Slip your designer handbag into one of these to protect it from dirt and scratches when stowing under a seat" - Instyle

Just like the press, customers simply love Baggu bags:

"I've always loved bright colors and new bags. Being a student, I couldn't afford having too many bags. Baggu made this possible. I just love my different Baggu bags!" - Helen C., college student

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Your review gives me so much information to determine if Baggu suits my needs. Thank you for this education and the fun you inserted in the article too.

Excellent review, Liz.The designs were simply amazing and in a class of its own.

Wow! This is new to me. Some really interesting and fashionable bags. Thanks for sharing Voted up

wholesale bags

A good review of Baggu, Price is very reasonable

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Returning to once again read your great information on Baggu.

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Wanted more info for Christmas shopping.Thank you.

Interesting and well researched review

Revisiting your interesting review. Very good job indeed!

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